Happy 2nd Birthday!

Two years of “Please don’t cancel [show name] it’s the only show I watch on [network name], if you cancel [show name], I’ll never watch [network name] again.

Two years of “The average person isn’t smart enough to handle the subtle brilliance of [lowly-rated show name].”

Two years of  will it be renewed or will it be canceled?

Two years of all that, and so much more.

It has been a blast.

We don’t have an official anniversary really.  We had the site up and running by the end of August 2007, and we had a more formal launch in the middle of September, but  Bill and I have been at it for over two years now, and today is just as good of a day as any to celebrate it.

An idea that came up over lunch has turned into  being a  lot of fun for both of us.  For the first year really, things didn’t look so great from the perspective of traffic.   I would tell Bill I was obsessed with getting to a million page views and he’d look at me like I was nuts.  In our best 30 day period last season we had over 3 million page views.  Bill still looks at me like I’m nuts, but at least now it’s for different reasons.

I’ve had the tremendous good fortune to take an endeavor like this on with someone like Bill Gorman.  We both can be stubborn as mules, and both have the occasional short fuse.  Especially during some of our web hosting crises  last season (all cleared up now!) there were times we wanted to strangle each other.  But we never stay mad at each other or wind up taking anything personally.  And we always seem to be able to come to agreement or compromise.

Some shout outs of thanks:

  • First and foremost: our readers and commenters.  Thank you!
  • Julia, who helps out with fixing apostrophe abuse sometimes, and will do an occasional post herself
  • “Holly” who is a long-time reader and participator in the comments.  She’s very helpful at answering questions and usually is faster than Bill and I at it!
  • Pretty much anyone and everyone involved with making the TV shows that we track, whether they perform well in the ratings or not.
  • All of the networks, especially the people at the various networks who have been very helpful to us
  • The TV journalist/blogging community, there are way too many to name, but many of them are in our blogroll on the lower right hand side of our site.
  • To Matt Drudge for the “TV Ratings” link on Drudge Report
  • Rackspace Cloud web hosting: they don’t sponsor us and I’m not being paid to say this, and I hope this doesn’t put the jinx on, but switching to them was a great move. They helped us solve some problems when we first switched and the service was great.   We’ve had a few high traffic events since then and the site has run flawlessly.
  • And of course Nielsen.  Despite some issues, they have been helpful.  Plus there’s no doubt, the impetus that led to the lunchtime discussion that birthed this site was Nielsen data.
  • Update: need to add Bravo — through a relationship we had with Bravo/Television Without Pity for the game it used to run on the Web (TV Bigshot) we found a lot of our readers (including Julia mentioned above!)

I’m sure I missed many shout outs, please don’t take it personally, and thank you too for two great years!

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