Like the first flowers of spring, March brings the stirrings of the annual crop of quixotic “Save Our Show” efforts as fans of doomed shows decide to do all manner of useless things in an effort to “save” their shows.

I’ve often written that everybody needs a hobby, and if SoS campaigns are your hobby, then more power to you, knock yourself out. But just like my playing golf is a hobby, it’s not going to make me Tiger Woods. If you view your SoS efforts as “fun” that’s great, but the idea that they’ll have an effect has similar likelihood as me joining the PGA Tour.

We’ve had some sporadic posts over the years about particular SoS campaigns, but I’m going to take a shot at making this post a regular feature where I’ll try and compile:

1. The most futile SoS efforts.

You could judge the futility a number of different ways. The length of time the show has been off the air? ( The pitifulness of its ratings? ( Or perhaps some other metric? You decide, and send them in!

2. The craziest SoS efforts.

There’s time wasting crazy, and money wasting crazy, but keep an eye out for simply crazy crazy and send them in!

3. The biggest false hope panderers to the SoS fans?

You know who they are, the websites that provide false hope to desperate fans and their SoS efforts. Send them in, we’ll call them out!

I have no illusions about my personal ability to range far and wide over the internets in search of the SoS campaigns or their panderers, but the vast readership of TV by the Numbers is another matter entirely.

So, post in the comments below or send me an email, don’t forget to include links to the sources, and I’ll do the best I can to keep the “Save Our Show” Tracker fires burning!

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