Despite the headline, I don’t think TiVo CEO Tom Rogers is doing his best Chicken Little impersonation, because when it comes to television business models, the sky is actually falling! But Rogers seems to get out there with it about once every three months these days.

Fortunately for the TV industry, it’s not falling at a rate that has caused it to come crashing down on top of it yet, but TV Week reports that this Wednesday, when Rogers addresses the crowd assembled at the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) conference, the speech he will be delivering is entitled “Avoiding the Demise of TV Advertising.” Here are some Rogers snippets from the TV Week piece:

  • “When the writing is on the wall and the change is here and users are doing something different, there’s really not a choice in the matter as to whether you get your hands around it,” he said. “You either get overrun by those trends, or you embrace them really quickly.”
  • “You’ve got to have actionability right off the remote at that time the product appears in a program to make a successful means to deal with traditional commercial avoidance.”
  • “It’s not enough to acknowledge that you are aware of this or in some way involved. You have to commit to urgent action on learning so this can customized for you,” he said. “So if it’s two years or three years from now, you’re ahead of this curve ready to benefit from it as opposed to being bitten by it.
  • “How much energy is devoted to what you really need to learn is the question now.”

I’ve somewhat played with the order that TV Week used, but to make a point. The sky is falling somewhere else: TiVo’s business of offering standalone DVRs isn’t going so well. We’ve longed believe there was money in licensing (and perhaps in IP lawsuits, though that really just winds up rolling over into licensing), but stand-alone DVRs are an area where TiVo has struggled in a big way.

One area where TiVo can probably grow rapidly is sales of the TiVo data services (more info on TiVo Stop||Watch) . I suppose in no small part, at least as far as Rogers is concerned, a great way to do more than acknowledge you are aware of the landscape and to get ahead of the curve and devote some energy into what you really need to learn is this: buy TiVo’s data!

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