I’ve got no horse in this race, I’m a fan of neither personality, personally, but I admire both very much in terms of their web publishing skillllz.  Not to mention I have a lot of respect for the tireless efforts of  Nellie Andreeva who is the primary TV reporter for Deadline.com and Matt Mitovich at TVLine.com.

Not having any insight to the ad sales processes, I’ll guess that as a “trade” publication, Finke’s Deadline commands at least slightly higher CPMs (cost per 1,000 page views) than the hoi polloi TVLine.com attracts, but it’s still very impressive that Ausiello and his team have built up the site as quickly as they have, and at least on the surface more efficiently (fewer writers) than Finke’s Deadline.

Sadly for Finke arch-rival The Wrap’s  Sharon Waxman, she can’t squeal with delight. God knows she’s pissing her friend Howard Schultz’s money away at an alarming rate unless she’s doing a REALLY good business in conferences (and the way we’re set up currently, Quantcast is missing about 15% of our our page views, but it doesn’t matter…)


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