The cost of a 30-second advertisement in the Super Bowl has more than quadrupled in the past 20 years and reached $3 million in 2009. The recessionary environment is expected to yield lower pricing for the 2010 game, with CBS reportedly selling 30-second units for between $2.5 and $2.8 million.

The amount paid by individual marketers will vary depending on where the ad runs in the game, how much commercial time is purchased.


Year Cost :30 Unit ($000) Total Ad Revenue

($ millions)

1990 700 39.0
1995 1,150 69.7
2000 2,100 135.1
2005 2,400 159.2
2006 2,500 162.5
2007 2,385 153.7
2008 2,700 186.3
2009 3,000 213.0
Source: TNS Media Intelligence

via TNS Media Intelligence.

Note that while the price per 30 second ad may have increased by more than 4x, in the same period of time the GNP deflator (a common measure of inflation) has increased by only 1.54x, while the viewership of the Super Bowl has increased by about 35%.

This fits in the general category of “sports rights will continue to increase in value” almost certainly more than any other television properties.

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