With our fantasy ratings game wrapping up after the current week the penultimate week 12 results surprised me to the upside. “rokrem” had 9 of 10 correct for 90 points, and 9 contestants had 80 points. The past few weeks when 70 points would have put you on top, that didn’t even make the top 10 results this week.

You can see the week’s adults 18-49 ratings show finish results here.

Let the smack talk begin!

Scoring is set up to reward points based on the number of correct finish position guesses (100 points for all 10, 90 for 9, down to 20 for 2).

No more guesses this Fall racing “season”.. The game, or something else, may be returning after New Years, but stay tuned for the final week’s racing prediction (week 13) results next Wednesday.

Here are the week 12 (ending 12/11) predictions and scores:

[motorracingleague race=14]

Here are the cumulative scores so far. The table contains the points gained from each week’s “race”:

[motorracingleague results=2]

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