It’s the end of the fantasy racing season, and racer deyves is the winner with a season total of 620 points. He/she finished strong too, tied for the lead in the final week with 80 points. Well done by all the contestants!

Racing controversy! The idiot judge (me) did think to add the special Sunday Survivor to the choices list for the final week, but wasn’t smart enough to add Fear Factor, or the special 8:30 episode of 2 Broke Girls either. In the tally I simply ignored their results. Have a problem with that? Take it up with the racing commission!

You can see the week’s adults 18-49 ratings show finish results here.

Let the smack talk begin!

Scoring is set up to reward points based on the number of correct finish position guesses (100 points for all 10, 90 for 9, down to 20 for 2).

The race, or some other game, may or may not be back after New Year’s. I’ll be examining my options.

Here are the week 13 (ending 12/18) predictions and scores:

[motorracingleague race=15]

Here are the cumulative scores for the entire racing “season”. The table contains the points gained from each week’s “race”:

[motorracingleague results=2]

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