The World Series caused some disruption in the schedules of several broadcast networks last week, but our racers’ picks again didn’t suffer as much as I expected. Two contestants had 7 of 10 positions correct, and dozens got at least 4 right. A robust competition for the season’s #1 position continues.

A couple special notes on this week’s results. The World Series games, and as usual, the Sunday night football pre and post game shows were removed from the finish positions. The Tuesday special airing of The X Factor was counted as the Wednesday episode.

You can see the week’s adults 18-49 ratings show finish results here.

Let the smack talk begin!

Scoring is set up to reward points based on the number of correct finish position guesses (100 points for all 10, 90 for 9, down to 20 for 2).

Make your guesses for week 8 of our game here. Good racing!

Here are everyone’s week 6 (ending 10/30) predictions and score:

[motorracingleague race=8]

Here is everyone’s cumulative score so far. The table contains the points gained from each week’s “race”:

[motorracingleague results=2]

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