While week 7 is still underway it’s time to wave the green flag and begin the week 8 guessing for our Fantasy TV Ratings Race Game for the 2011-12 season. Week 6’s results are posted here along with the season totals to date.

Each week, you get a chance to guess the adults 18-49 ratings finish positions for the top 10 broadcast primetime shows.

  • You’ll receive 100 points if you pick all 10 finish positions correctly, 90 points for 9 of 10 correct, down to 20 points for 2 of 10. No points for picking just a single correct finish position.
  • Any ratings ties after rounding will be decided by the more granular adults 18-49 viewership.
  • Each week will be a different “race” identified by its end date. (i.e. 01 WE 092511 = Week ending September 25).
  • Each week’s “race” will have its own results, but there will be cumulative results for the entire race “season”. I will probably run a “Fall” race season through 12/31/2011, and then a “Spring” season after 1/1/2012, but will decide on that later. I might keep to just one for the entire broadcast season.
  • You cannot edit your entry once you submit it. Choose carefully.
  • The combination of name and email address you use when entering is your unique identifier, it will carry through from week to week. I believe names created during the test this summer still exist if you’d like to use them.
  • You can begin playing any week, you can play multiple “names”, and perhaps even talk some smack once we start getting results, but at this time there are no prizes! (although prizes may follow).
  • I’ve left out a few shows because of their irregular timeslots like Football Night in America (NBC), The OT (Fox). Also in tabulating the weekly finish order, I will discard shows that are not normally scheduled to begin during primetime (like a Sunday NFL afternoon overrun into primetime).
  • Note: I have included broadcast primetime shows in the list that are premiering during the entire Fall, not every show airs next week! Choose carefully!

Here is an easy to look at list of all the shows in the scrolling list below.

Click here to see which shows were in the top 25 in the last 2 weeks for adults 18-49.

Click here for the list of premiere dates to see which shows are debuting for the week in question.

Make your guesses for week 08 WE 111311 below.

The deadline for the predictions is late on Sunday night as indicated by the counter below. The game does accept entries submitted slightly after the indicated deadline, however those entries are not assigned any points.

[motorracingleague entry=2]

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