The CWThe CW has announced its 2010-11 schedule.

After the big changes in 2009-10 (dropping Sunday night programming, cutting comedies entirely), the 2010-11 changes are mere tweaks.

The CW is debuting just 2 hours of new shows (vs. 3 last season).

Here is a look at CW’s Fall 2010 Schedule vs. its Fall 2009 Schedule by the Numbers.

New Shows

2010 (2 shows, 2 hours): Hellcats (1 hour), Nikita (1 hour)

2009 (3 shows, 3 hours): Melrose Place (1 hour), The Beautiful Life (1 hour), The Vampire Diaries (1 hour)

Unscripted Shows, Scheduled Repeats

2010 (1 hour): America’s Next Top Model (1 hour)

2009 (2 hours): America’s Next Top Model + Encore (2 hours)


  • By dropping the America’s Next Top Model repeat on Friday and putting a scripted show in the hour, they’ve cut their unscripted/scheduled repeat show time by an hour to just 10% of their lineup, the lowest % of any English broadcast network.
  • Putting two hours of original programming on Friday was a surprise to me based on what I thought was good information.
  • While new shows, particularly unscripted shows, could be announced later, this line up does nothing to solve the endless hiatus problem that the CW suffered from this season.
  • Smallville is confirmed to be in its final season. Will it be Supernatural’s final season as well? What about One Tree Hill? Losing 3 hours of reasonably performing (at least in 2009-10) shows in a single season would be quite a blow.
  • Both Life Unexpected and One Tree Hill have only 13 episode orders, so theoretically they are in danger for mid-season cancellation.

For information on other broadcast TV Fall 2010 schedules click here.

Fall 2009 Fall 2010
8-9p Gossip Girl 90210
9-10p One Tree Hill Gossip Girl
8-9p 90210 One Tree Hill
9-10p Melrose Place Life Unexpected
8-9p America’s Next Top Model America’s Next Top Model
9-10p The Beautiful Life Hellcats
8-9p The Vampire Diaries The Vampire Diaries
9-10p Supernatural Nikita
8-9p Smallville Smallville
9-10p ANTM (and other) repeats Supernatural

Shows in BOLD are/were new, shows in italics are unscripted/scheduled repeats, 2009 shows in strikethrough did not return.

The show scheduled to premiere in mid-season or later is: Shedding For The Wedding

It’s not worth the time to compare mid-season schedules. Changes are almost certain between now and January.

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