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Thanksgiving Day Marathon Features Six Episodes of “Beverly Hills, 90210”

Day-After Thanksgiving Marathon Focuses on Everybody’s Favorite Bad Boy,

Jason Morgan from “General Hospital”

You’ve cooked the turkey, stuffed yourself with stuffing and done the dishes. Now, come get filled up on SOAPnet’s Thanksgiving marathons. On Thursday night, start your feast with six classic episodes of “Beverly Hills, 90210,” featuring Thanksgiving-themed episodes. The marathon starts at 6PM ET/PT ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 25.

“General Hospital’s” Jason Morgan has made his ubiquitous black t-shirt one of the most famous fashion statements on television. Fans love him in italmost as much as they love him out of it. Tune in on “Black Friday” for five hours of favorite Jason episodes in “Black T-Shirt Friday: A Jason Morgan Marathon” from 7PM-12AM ON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 26.

Thanksgiving Day “Holiday in the Hills” episodes airing Thursday, November 25 include:

6PM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1993-064 — “The Kindness of Strangers”– Brandon surprises his family when he brings a homeless veteran home for Thanksgiving dinner.

7PM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1994-090 — “Radar Love” – Cindy is disappointed when Brandon forgoes the Walsh’s Thanksgiving festivities to spend the holiday with Emily Valentine.

8PM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1996-152 — “Breast Side Up” — Valerie resents David’s mother interfering with her Thanksgiving dinner preparations; Donna arranges for football star Steve Young to surprise Joe on his birthday.

9PM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1997-182 — “If I Had a Hammer” — The gang gathers for Thanksgiving dinner in the house they’re building for Habitat for Humanity; Steve gets caught plagiarizing Brandon’s paper; David is admitted to the psych ward.

10PM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1999-239 — “You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello” — The big Thanksgiving dinner Val has planned is threatened when Kelly finds her note telling Brandon not to marry Kelly; Gina gets fired from the ice show and decides to stay in town. Meanwhile, Val decides to leave and Dylan unexpectedly returns.

11PM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #2000-268 — “What’s In a Name” — Drama erupts at the Martins’ Thanksgiving dinner as they try to keep Gina’s paternity a secret from her; Steve and Janet’s friends are with them at the hospital when they get some long-awaited good news about their newborn daughter.

“Black T-Shirt Friday” Jason Morgan Marathon episodes airing Friday, November 26 include:

7PM – General Hospital Episode #1996-8430 (Original Air Date March 7, 1996) — Soon after suffering brain injuries in a car accident, Jason visits his new friend, Sonny. When the Quartermaines have the police bring him home, he finds their concern stifling. In response, Jason defiantly rides his new motorcycle into their living room.

8PM – General Hospital Episode #1997-8488 (OAD May 28, 1996) — After a night of passion, Jason and Carly set the ground rules for their no strings attached relationship.

9PM – General Hospital Episode #1997-8793 (OAD August 1,1997) — Jason and Robin tearfully break up after Robin begs Sonny to fire Jason to protect him from Sonny’s dangerous lifestyle.

10PM – General Hospital Episode #2005-10914 (OAD November 8, 2005) — Despite severe pain from his own brain injury, Jason saves both Robin and Sam in the aftermath of a major train crash.

11PM – General Hospital Episode #2005-10922 (OAD November 18, 2005) — Jason’s loved ones are relieved to learn he survived the train tunnel collapse. He then proposes to Sam before beginning experimental brain treatment.

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