I thought about titling this post “Terriers: Oh NO!” but it seemed a bit over the top.

November 24, the is the last day of the November sweep, and also the night before Thanksgiving and FX, ABC and Fox are all airing scripted originals.

I’m not completely thrilled to see that Terriers will air its penultimate episode of the season (and perhaps series) on the eve of Thanksgiving next Wednesday night.   The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is traditionally a night where there are fewer people watching TV and that’s why, according to USA’s VP of Program research Ted Linhart USA isn’t going to “waste” a new episode of Psych next Wednesday.

The broadcast networks are a mixed bag, as NBC is airing holiday specials and a The Biggest Loser special, and CBS is airing a Survivor clips show and repeats of its normal Wednesday 9p-11p block.  Fox and ABC are airing their normal lineups between 8p-10p (ABC is airing Primetime at 10pm rather than The Whole Truth).

As for Terriers, FX is probably damned if they do, damned if they don’t.  I’m not optimistic that Terriers can build on this week’s gains on the eve of Thanksgiving, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it drop back down.  Everyone, including me is expecting Modern Family and the rest of ABC’s comedy block to drop next week. On the other hand, if FX didn’t air a new episode next Wednesday there would be cries of “FX killed its momentum by having it take the week off!”

I’d love to see the Terriers finale in two weeks crawl up to a 0.6 rating, which would likely force FX to at least think about renewal for a minute or two.  While not out of the realm of possibility, the mountain climb to a 0.6 was going to be difficult even without the penultimate episode of the season airing on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

While I’m still not happy FX isn’t changing the name of the show for the final episodes of Terriers, and have since just changed the name on my own,  I tip my cap to Shawn Ryan and crew for the naming of the season finale of Terriers.  It’s appropriately entitled “Hail Mary.”

Here’s hoping that works out as well as it did on Sunday for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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