Unlike the United States, where original non-sports television is non-existent on Christmas, the UK features high profile original programs on December 25. This year’s  Doctor Who Christmas special which aired on BBC, garnered 6.34 million UK viewers,  down from 8.29 million for last year’s Christmas special. The show ranked as the seventh most watched program of the day in England. We will post the ratings for the BBC America United States telecast of the program as soon as they are available.

The Downton Abbey Christmas special garnered 5.84 million viewers, down from 7.01 million viewers for last year’s special. It won’t be telecast in the United States for months; the fifth season premieres January 4 on PBS.

The highest rated Christmas program in England was an episode of the comedy Mrs. Brown’s Boys which scored 7.61 million viewers, down from last year’s 9.4 million.  Overall, it was the lowest rated Christmas day in the UK in at least 9 years.


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