Though pretty much every day is “bubble watch” at TV by the Numbers and its never too early to begin hand wringing over marginally or low-rated shows, for some reason the TV media declared yesterday National Bubble Day with Josef Adalian at The Wrap,  James Hibberd at  The The Hollywood Reporter and Michael Schneider at Variety all weighing in on the fate of marginal and low-rated shows.

And of course all kinds of chatter about how decisions aren’t made based on the ratings anymore.  Except for “The Deep End.”

After I read Hibberd’s I was going to do a post about his picks, but then after being pummeled by the other two outlets, I just said screw it and decided to watch TV.

While I don’t want to encourage TV MoJoe to do a regularly competing column, being that he’s at The Wrap  “Bubble Wrap” seems like such a great name for a column I don’t know how he can pass it up!

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