Netflix released the entire 13 episode  season of its original series House of Cards on Friday. Though the streaming service is choosing not to release any viewership data, making it impossible to determine the “ratings” for the on-line series, Procera Networks, which monitors web traffic for several major ISPs, reports that the majority of House of Cards viewers watched more than one episode of the show. One one broadband network, a full 2 percent of Netflix subscribers watched episode 1, while 1.3% watched episode two. Interestingly, episodes 10-12 (0.53%, 0.48% and 0.52%) were watched by a smaller percentage of subscribers than episode 13 (0.59%).

Obviously, Procera only has information on a sampling of Netflix subscribers (and it may be a less representative sample than Nielsen uses for television ratings), but this does provide some information about the series. Draw your own conclusion about whether or not it was  good idea for Netflix to release the entire season at once.

Posted by:TV By The Numbers

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