Netflix has chosen to keep the viewership numbers for its original series including Daredevil, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, a secret. Variety reveals that several unspecified “content companies” hired San Diego firm Luth Research to attempt to figure out how many people are watching Netflix Originals.

The firm used a sample of 2500 Netflix subscribers whose viewership via computers, tablets and phoned was measured. Luth did not track Netflix viewing via Smart TVs or gaming systems. Luth only measured viewership within the first 30 days after a series is released. Like Nielsen, Luth uses the sample as a representative of the total audience, assuming that if 10 percent of its sample watches at least one episode of a program, 10 percent of Netflix’s 40.9 million subscribers watched, making the viewership “rating” approximately 4.09 million viewers.

Based on their sample, Daredevil is 2015’s most watched original series, which is even more impressive since it has not been released for a full 30 days yet.

Program % of Sample Viewing Estimated Audience (Millions)
Daredevil* 10.7% 4.38
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 7.3% 2.99
House of Cards Season 3 6.5% 2.66
Bloodline 2.4% 0.98

Data Source: Luth research

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