Super Bowl 2014 II

Last night’s Super Bowl delivered a 47.6 Household rating and a 70 share in the 56 metered market ratings, down from last year’s 48.1/71. It was the lowest rated metered market overnight rating for a Super Bowl since 2010’s 46.4/68. Though the game was a blow out, which likely contributed to its ratings drop from last year, it still ranks as the fifth most watched Super Bowl of all time in the overnight ratings.  The top market for the game was Kansas City. In New York City, the media market where the game was held, the Super Bowl garnered a 50.5/70, making it the highest rated Super Bowl in NYC since 1987 when the Giants faced off against the Broncos.


Top Ten Metered Markets for the Super Bowl:
Kansas City:  58.1/78
Seattle 56.7/92
Indianapolis:  53.9/74
New Orleans: 53.2/72
Tulsa: 52.9/71
Las Vegas: 52.5/75
Portland: 52.4/82
Knoxville: 52.3/68
Jacksonville: 52.0/68
Denver: 51.4/83

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