Bill posted preview videos for NBC’s new shows yesterday, but here are the trailers that were played at today’s upfront meetings. I heard much oohing and ahhing about Awake.

You can also check out the Fox new show trailers.

——TRAILER: The Playboy Club———

An American icon is born.
A provocative new drama about a time and place in which a visionary created an empire, and an icon changed American culture.

——TRAILER: Grimm———

Once upon a crime.
Remember the fairy tales your parents used to tell you before bedtime? Well, those weren’t stories, they were warnings.

——TRAILER: Prime Suspect———

Not just a pretty face.
Jane Timoney (Maria Bello) is an outsider who can be willful, rude and downright reckless. She’s also a brilliant cop.

——TRAILER: Whitney——-

Get a little too comfortable.
They say marriage is the number one cause of divorce. For Alex and Whitney, it’s one of many reasons they’re determined not to take the plunge.

——TRAILER: Free Agents———

It’s so wrong, but it feels so… wrong.
A workplace/romantic comedy that proves you can try to put yourself back out there, but sometimes what you need is right in front of you.

——TRAILER: Smash———

Dream big.
There’s nothing more exciting than the opening night of a hit Broadway musical, except maybe what happens getting there.

——TRAILER: Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea———

Life, straight up or on the rocks?
Based on the outrageous number one best-selling book by Chelsea Handler.

——TRAILER: Bent———

Rebound, remodel… what’s the difference?
A new romantic comedy about two people who may be bent, but are definitely not broken.

——TRAILER: Awake———

Can you wake up from reality?
Lots of people find themselves leading some kind of double life… but none quite like this.

——TRAILER: Up All Night———

Oh, baby.
Life is all about balance. So what happens when you throw a new baby into it?

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