“Ghoul Bus”

On this episode, security guards discover an abandoned school bus with one little girl inside, while everyone else has mysteriously vanished.  WWE Superstar Matt Hardy plays a violent criminal who breaks out of his physical and mental restraints to go after a doctor’s assistant. Paranormal investigators in search of an evil ghost find what they are looking for… unfortunately.   A prison guard gets his mind blown when he’s put in charge of watching a shape-shifting inmate.  Series hosted by Tracy Morgan.

Airing: Next Tuesday, October 13th @ 9/8c.


“Fort Henry”- Kingston, Ontario

TAPS heads north to explore the most haunted place in Canada. Fort Henry served as a prison and execution site for hundreds of dangerous convicts. Over the years, employees and visitors have witnessed a number of strange, frightening events.

Built in 1812, Fort Henry served as a prisoner-of-war camp for captured Nazis during World War II. Today, the fort is a National Heritage Site and a memorial to Canada’s military history. Historical eyewitness accounts suggest that paranormal entities have long been haunting the fort.

Strange apparitions, mysterious sounds of shattering glass and other ghostly activities have been recorded in this great maze of a military complex. Could the restless spirits of dead prisoners be stirring trouble? TAPS investigates.

Airing: Next Wednesday, October 14th @ 9/8c.


“Chullachaqui / Bermuda Triangle”

Joined by special guest stars Robb Demarest and Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters International, Josh and team make their way to the jungles of Peru, where a terrifying creature resembling a gremlin is reportedly terrorizing the locals.

Later in the episode, Josh and his team take on the age-old legend of the Bermuda Triangle, an area in the Atlantic Ocean infamous for pulling planes out of the sky and swallowing ships into the sea.  It is believed that the triangle’s strange energy vortexes appear at the same locations again and again, so the team plans to chart a direct course through each known coordinate where ships and planes had disappeared.  As a result, they manage to collect a phenomenal amount of evidence, including strong electromagnetic disturbances and a mysterious image on their IR camera.

Airing: Next Wednesday, October 14th @ 10/9c.

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