Last summer, I asked our readers to pick the fall season’s biggest new hit and biggest new flop. The wisdom of the crowds did OK, choosing Fringe as the biggest hit (it was the #2 new show of the fall) and choosing The Mentalist as hit #3 (it was the biggest success of the fall), but Knight Rider at #4 was a miss. On the flop side, the crowd nailed The Ex-List, one of the earliest shows to be cancelled, but completely missed the debacle that was the CW’s Sunday night.

I thought we’d do the same thing for the new mid-season shows (some have already begun). Here are my picks.

Biggest Hit: Lie to Me. It follows American Idol. If it’s half decent, it could go large.

Biggest Flop: Since Momma’s Boys and Game Show in My Head already shows signs of tanking, picking them would be too easy. I’ll go with the next easiest thing, picking the CW’s 13 – Fear is Real. It doesn’t match CW’s target demo, and is up against Lost and Idol.

Here is a recently updated mid-season broadcast schedule here.

What are your picks? And why?

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