Zac Levi and Josh Schwartz

Zac Levi and Josh Schwartz

Could it be that Josh Schwartz who executive produces Gossip Girl and Chuck (and is Chuck’s co-creator) is on the righteous path?   The path to having a show that not only generates tons of buzz, but actually has a ton of viewers too?

That was the first thing I wondered when I read Schwartz was teaming up with Matt Miller, who is also a producer on Chuck to write a comedy script for CBS. Success with comedies that make it big on CBS is a game Warner Bros. has played to very good results between Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory.   There’s huge syndication already for Men, and Big Bang had a breakout year in its second season.

It’s quite a leap from “not even a script yet” to even getting on the air, let alone being a hit and being huge in syndication.  Besides,  if it makes it to air, CBS will probably stick it in the Wednesday 8pm-9pm block that didn’t take off last year.  Or stick it somewhere Monday at 8pm slot so it could face off against…Chuck.  Mr. Schwartz would be used to that if it happened, Chuck went head-to-head with Gossip Girl last season.

I’d also just love to see him have a hit.  It might offset getting grilled about all the “will they or won’t they” with Chuck and Sarah or will Chuck get a back 9 or will NBC move Chuck up and air it before March, etc.

I have the horse way in front of the cart now, but that would bring up some scenarios for the Monday night ratings reports that would be a lot of fun to cover.

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