So much navel gazing about Chuck going on today!  Apparently the people who are into the whole Chuck and Sarah thing aren’t happy about the twists and turns in Monday night’s episode.

Me, I’m fine with the Hannah character and fine with the Shaw character and any way they could potentially twist any of that I don’t really care. Just give me more Jeffster please.

Anyway, last night’s episode have produced some wacky responses.   Apparently some have suggested the best way to influence the producers to make better episodes of Chuck is to not watch the show.  It’s the craziest  (and dumbest) “save our show” campaign ever!

I guess the theory is it will force the producers to write the show in a way that’s more pleasing to some of the fans.  Of course if the ratings go down and there is no show…

As for the ratings.   With the exception of last night’s episode the ratings have been pretty steady.   I throw out the season premiere ratings (2.9 with adults 18-49), most shows go down from the premiere and Chuck is no exception.

The four episodes after the premiere other than last night were 2.6, 2.5, 2.5, 2.4 with adults 18-49.   Last night’s 2.2 is a bit worrisome, even on NBC.  But I’m not reading anything into it yet.

If it pulls another 2.2 in its first episode after the Olympics, I’ll definitely understand any hand wringing that results from it, but (especially with promotion during the Olympics) it seems more likely it would pull a 2.6 than a 2.2.   The real test though isn’t the numbers for the first episode after the Olympics but rather for the following episode on March 8.

Update:  Josh Schwartz told Alan Sepinwall that while NBC has been incredibly supportive he did “not expect to see a lot of promotion for us during the Olympics.”

There’s a full month before we’ll have any real clue about Chuck’s ratings.  My advice: enjoy yourselves and don’t worry about the ratings until then!

Update:  NPR article with a headline that includes  “Chuck vs. The Entitled Fanbase“:

By all means, have an opinion. Show not working? Say so. Don’t want to watch it? Good thing it’s not mandatory. But it’s not your show, even if you bought a Subway footlong to save it. It’s the creation of its creators, and they’re never going to give you what you want just because it’s what you want. Which is why they haven’t started inviting you to story meetings.

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