I loved the first season of Dexter and thought it was amazing.   And while I didn’t love the second season quite as much, I still loved it!  Last year’s third season, like much of what’s on TV, I neither loved it nor hated it.  I watched it, but was sort of indifferent about it.  Now, in its fourth season, Dexter premieres tomorrow, and I’m still undecided

Unlike Heroes, “the Hulu treatment” is not really an option for Dexter, though I do have Showtime and it is available On-Demand in HD.

Sadly, turning to the critics to help make a decision left me just as undecided because they ranged from:

As usual, the series kicks off with creeps and thrills – and humor. Lithgow is amazing, promising to upstage the Jimmy Smits cameo of Season 3. All your favorites are back in force, with a few twists, but the allure of the series always has been and always will be Hall, who manages to make a killer (who kills only people who deserve it, mostly) likable, believable, engaging and funny, as he works his job as a blood splatter expert at Miami Metro Homicide.

Tim Goodman, San Francisco Chronicle


The scenes of Dexter trying to fight the exhaustion brought on by family life start to become tiring themselves. Dexter’s life with Rita (Julie Benz) was never the most interesting part of the show, but now there’s lots more of that sort of thing. Jokes about Dexter trying to fit in at social occasions were mildly amusing three seasons ago, now they’re just predictable.

Will Dexter snap under the pressure of his busy new life? Possibly, but by now, we know the writers will keep on finding ways for Dexter to wriggle out from under any suspicion about his bloody activities. After four seasons of Dexter getting away with murder, more of the same isn’t such a good thing.

Mo Ryan, Chicago Tribune

I’m still undecided but my best guess is that I’ll catch the premiere via On Demand sometime during the week, and if it reels me in, I’ll either add it to the DVR or keep checking it out via On Demand.

Update: based on a pretty solid consensus in the comments, I’ll definitely be watching the premiere.

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