ABC's 'Life on Mars'

I wound up watching a disproportionate amount of television on Wednesday nights between Life, Lost, Life on Mars and Damages.

Life on Mars has its series finale tonight, and Damages has its season finale tonight.  While I am a fan of both shows I think it’s OK for Life on Mars to end and I am glad the producers were given a heads-up so they could write a series finale.

I like Damages and definitely think it’s above average.  I am not among the screeching fanboys who think it’s the best show on television nor am I elitist and think, as many of our commenters, that Damages requires a lot of thought and a high IQ.  Sure, there are some complexities to the plot and with all the back and forth between the present and the future it can get confusing if you look away, but it’s not all that complicated.  I think it’s a good show,  not a great show, but I’m impressed they were able to make a second season of it as interesting as it has been.

While Damages has already been renewed for a third season, its ratings have been so pitiful in the second season I am wondering if FX can and will extract themselves from that deal or whether they will plow forward with another season.   Mad Men had much better numbers than Damages, and I think the expectations for a series on FX are higher than for a series on AMC.  Nonetheless, last Sunday  Breaking Bad on AMC had 1.294 million viewers while last Wednesday Damages had only 890,000.

NBC’s Life has its season (and no doubt, series, though that hasn’t been announced yet) finale next Wednesday and I will be down to only watching Lost on Wednesdays unless I wind up watching The Unusuals on ABC.

In actuality,  despite my DVR existence, I have watched every episode of Lost this season the same night it aired, and usually watch Life on Wednesday nights as well.  Life on Mars and Damages I watched at my leisure, typically on the weekends.

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