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I’m taking a break from the weekly Tuesday ratings deluge to say:

Son’s Of Anarchy Was Robbed.


Not a single, solitary Golden Globe Award nomination.   But, despite thinking the show was robbed, I am not surprised by it because of how I would predict how old guys in suits would vote, or more precisely how I might have voted if I wore a suit all the time instead of being a blogger in lounging attire.  Because if I was wearing a suit all the time, I’m not sure I would’ve gotten around to ever watching SOA.

But since I *did* get around to watching SOA, I know it was robbed.  I know the artsy folk will prefer Mad Men straight from the get go.  I am a Mad Men fan, and if you’re into period pieces, and a lot of good acting, and dialog and slipping back into the early 1960s, I highly recommend it.  But even in its most plot-driven season so far, Mad Men had about as much story in a full 13 episodes as Sons of Anarchy had in 3 episodes.  If you love little things like story and plot,  SOA, for me, is the far the better show.   Mad Men at least did deserve its nomination which is more than I can say for some of the shows that got a best drama nod.

I think the reason SOA didn’t get any love is pretty simple.  It’s covering turf never before covered.  Bikers.  Some of the archetypes might have been covered before, but not leather clad Harley riders.  Old men in suits can’t relate to bikers.  Ad executives in the 1960s?  Sure, that they can relate to.  It has at least a few old  guys in suits!

I know you’ll say but The Sopranos was about mobsters and those same old guys in suits slobbered all over it.    The thing with mobsters is, it’s an archetype that has been around pretty much as long as there has been film.  I don’t think there’s been a decade since the 1920s where some mobsters haven’t gotten some celluloid love and the critical acclaim to go with it.

Though my belief is that anyone who loved the Sopranos will LOVE Sons of Anarchy, it’s a harder sell because outlaw bikers is not a known archetype.  That’s why I was late to the party.  I had to listen to several people sing the show’s praises (notably my brother) and see that its season two ratings kicked some serious cable ass in the premiere to join the party.  And I’m glad I did.

And I am not hating on Dexter, it might have deserved the nod in 2006 and 2007 but there’s no freaking way it should’ve gotten a best drama nod over SOA in 2009.  I know a lot of you loved the finale of season 4, but I tuned out in mid-season because I just didn’t care about the story.  Dexter is a difficult premise to pull off over 4 seasons (and I thought they did a wonderful job for two seasons).  It could be by season 4 I no longer care about SOA either (and of course, that’s when it will get its Golden Globe nomination!).

House?  Really?  I LOVE  House, and I’m absolutely fine with Hugh Laurie winning best actor award every year. Even after House leaves the air and even if Laurie doesn’t have another gig I’m fine with them giving him the acting award.   But best drama?  Of 2009?  You have to be kidding me!

I’m happy for the fans of the other shows, and I won’t say anything bad about True Blood because season two was fun.  Fun!  Best drama?  I dunno about that.  But damn fun at least.  And I’ve never seen Big Love so I can’t offer any opinion on that.  But my opinion is this, as dramas go, in 2009 SOA was better than Mad Men, Dexter, True Blood and House.  And it was robbed.

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