There’s been a lot of media coverage about the bad financial performance at NBC, FOX and now CBS.  How come your site doesn’t cover this?

Good question.  I definitely (and I imagine Bill does too, when he’s not on vacation) give the earnings reports from News Corp, GE, Disney and CBS a read.  You didn’t need TV by the Numbers to tell you that there’s a recession going on that is hitting advertising revenue particularly hard and that everyone’s earnings are getting hammered.  But that’s not the major reason we don’t write about it.

The problem with the earnings reports is that even though the TV operations are typically broken out, they don’t break them out by day part, or by network or even  broadcast versus cable.   If there was a way from the earnings reports to show, for example, what USA Network’s  and SyFy’s profitability was versus the NBC broadcast network, we definitely would do it.  But, there isn’t.

Our readers are generally much more interested in specific networks than how the big corporate conglomerates are doing.  Sadly, I can’t call NBC and say, “hey, can you show me the P&L by network for NBC broadcasting, USA, SyFy, Bravo, and Oxygen?”  Well, I can call them, but they won’t give us the data.  We don’t feel singled out, it’s not like they’re giving that data to anyone else either.

We’d sure love to see all the financial detail for all networks, broadcast & cable.  There are slightly better odds that I could convince Gisele Bundchen that I’m Tom Brady than ever seeing that level of detail.

You’re stranded on a desert island and can only have one show on your iPhone.  Is it Burn Notice or is it Chuck?

If I’m stranded on a desert island, unless there is electricity somewhere on the island, what is on my iPhone isn’t going to matter very much!  And if I’m stranded on a desert island that has a generator on it, and I can only have one show, the only show that makes any sense to have on my iPhone is…Lost!

I enjoy Burn Notice and Chuck a lot but the truth is, I am more into Lost than either of those shows.  But if I could only have one show on my iPhone in a desert island situation, it would be season 3 of HBO’s The Wire.

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