Because of your site I got interested in seeing what all the fuss was about ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and ordered the first season on DVD.  I really enjoyed it!  One thing I’m wondering is why season two isn’t available on DVD until August 31, 2010?  That’s only a week before the show’s third season premieres!  Not that it’s a big deal, but I’ll have to watch the whole season in a week if I want to be ready for the new season by the premiere.  Wouldn’t they be better off giving people a little more time?

Howard W., Chico, Ca.

That’s a really good question.  My suspicion, amplified by recent comments from FX president John Landgraf, is that they’re trying to time things in a way to get the biggest marketing bang for the buck.  Marketing the show on FX is an expensive proposition and since the show is also produced by FX, by releasing the DVD so close to the new season’s premiere the marketing around the DVD  effectively becomes part of the marketing plan for the new season on FX.

Speaking of which,  how the #&!? did we not get an ad deal to promote SOA DVDs and season 3? Perhaps they figure why buy the cow…

Anyway… It seems like a balancing act between maximizing awareness of the show and giving people a bit more time to catch up.  But, they did the same thing last year and given how nicely the show’s ratings grew between season one and season two, it’s hard to blame them for staying with something that worked so well last year.

The good news is that if you enjoyed season one, I think you’ll enjoy season two even more (I did), but if you just can’t wait until August 31, you have a couple of options.  You can download season two on iTunes ($34.99 HD, or $21.99 for standard definition) or on Amazon ($30.99 for HD, and $21.99 for SD).  Since the standard DVD will go for ~$32 on Amazon and the Blu-ray for ~$42, downloading is a little bit cheaper.  On the other hand, you’ll miss out on the DVD extras and if you’re not set up to play your downloads on your TV, you’ll have to watch on a computer monitor.

FX has been rerunning the second season episodes two-at-a-time  Saturday nights (usually around 11pm-1am), but they’re already about halfway through the second season.

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