I’m not a CHUCK hater like some of the people who comment on your blog, but beyond any shadow of a doubt the biggest premiere in January is for the final season of LOST.  How come there is no contest for that premiere?

While fans will argue over which premieres are the most important, I too am probably looking forward more to the LOST premiere than anything else.  But the thing with contests is that Bill and I aren’t out there with our hands out begging for schwag for contest giveaways.   Sometimes networks/studios/people will offer stuff for that purpose though – mostly that has come with USA Network shows, though we’ve had contests for other shows too, like MEDIUM.

We didn’t get anything for LOST.   And while LOST’s ratings aren’t nearly as interesting to me as CHUCK’s  (since LOST is ending this season no matter what), if we’d had any LOST goodies to give away, we would’ve.  And we did note the sweepstakes ABC is having for LOST, though I think the prizes in the soon-t0-be announced CHUCK contest are better!

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