Yikes. I’m very disappointed in Fringe’s ratings and very worried.  Tell me something that will make me worry less.

Doug B.,
New York, NY (this one, not the alternate one)

Ah, Doug.  Low ratings for Fringe aren’t as bad as a nuclear bomb detonating in your neighborhood or a loved one getting cancer?  Are you worried less now?

I wouldn’t be too worried about Fringe’s ratings as far as this season goes.  At least not yet.   Last night’s performance wasn’t too different from how it usually rated last year when all the other networks had new episodes.  Am I worried about another season of Fringe?  Absolutely.  But then again, I was worried last year too.

Summer Glau is going to be on Chuck! That’s right.  The most supremely awesome Summer Glau!  Summer Glau.  Chuck. And you didn’t post anything about it how that will improve Chuck’s ratings?  WTF!  Every other headline on your site is about Chuck and no love for Summer Glau?

John Connor
Los Angeles, CA

For the record, there have been 52 posts, 53 including this one, since our last post with Chuck in the headline.  And the streak is still alive!

As for Summer Glau, while she’s a sweetheart, and gorgeous, “ratings magnet” doesn’t come to mind when I think of her.  She’s not rating kryptonite either though, e.g., a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory didn’t tank the ratings.  When that episode airs in a couple of months I’m sure I’ll write about it and Chuck and Summer Glau will both be in the headline at the same time!  I bet you can’t wait.

Cougar Town or Modern Family, Who Ya Got?

Baltimore, Md

Not that my opinion matters in general, or certainly to the ratings, but since you asked…

I watched only a handful of episodes of each last season, and I liked Cougar Town better.  I watched the first two episodes of Cougar Town this season (the premiere and next week’s episode) and the premiere of Modern Family.  I still like Cougar Town better.  I didn’t actually catch any of the episodes of Cougar Town when it was a show about an older woman dating younger men so the only episodes I’ve seen are since it changed direction. I like the direction change.

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