It’s that most wonderful time of the year! At least for TV-related websites. While I wait for the officially official announcement from Fox that Paula and Simon are reunited…

We hear and see some wacky, wacky rumors and television schedules that are easy to laugh off. There is some guy who always sends TV schedule grids that are allegedly things CBS is playing with, but every year they have scripted programming on Saturday and NO 48 Hours Mystery!  I always roll my eyes at those. Even crazy people can make pretty grids.

But not all of the rumors we hear are crazy. One thing I’m hearing is that Law & Order: LA is currently “all but dead.”  But LOLA’s cancellation would hardly be a surprise for anyone following the ratings. But the best part is piggy-backed on the LOLA rumor mongering is the notion that the original Law & Order could be resurrected for a short final season.  I believe sources who tell me the idea is being tossed around. New Law & Order episodes could at least be sold into existing syndication deals.

But this post is headlined “Rumor Monger” for a reason.  Lots of things get discussed. Most of them never happen.

I’d do a poll on what you want to see more of “Law & Order: LA” or the original flavor of “Law & Order” but I already know how that poll would turn out…




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