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Despite all the attention paid to The Jay Leno Show over the last few days months,  tonight brings us what likely will be the most interesting night so far of the new, and still not quite  yet official, television season.

ABC is still in repeats, and other than Survivor: Samoa so is CBS.

There won’t be  repeats on FOX, NBC or the CW though.

At 8pm NBC kicks off with its Saturday Night Live Weekend Update, followed by the season premieres of Parks & Recreation and The Office and the series premiere of Community.  And of course, The Jay Leno Show at 10pm.

The CW will be in its second week of  new episodes of The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.   On the heels of somewhat getting its female 18-34 butt kicked on Tuesday with 90210 and Melrose Place, and on  Wednesday  with a weakened (but still good, for The CW) America’s Next Top Model and a dismal premiere for The Beautiful Life, the CW really needs for The Vampire Diaries to retain a good chunk of its first week’s record-breaking viewing to boost its spirits (and its ratings, too, natch).   Sure, Monday looked better for the CW, but next week House and Lie to Me return on Monday Night.

People will be looking at Community’s premiere numbers, and of course, Leno’s numbers too.  Despite being a demo hit, The Office doesn’t pull in huge viewer totals and as a result, Community at 9:30pm could be the weakest lead-in The Jay Leno Show has had so far.  In terms of total viewers that will certainly be the case, but in terms of the 18-49 demo, we’ll find out tomorrow morning.

Bones and Fringe are back, making a new Thursday night where FOX isn’t looking to win, but rather improve its Thursday lot in life (and get more of those Thursday movie advertising $$).  I meant to catch up on Bones over the summer but got side-tracked catching up on NCIS and Numb3rs and never made it.  But Chicago Tribune critic (and lover  of TV) Mo Ryan has given up on Bones, and rants about the will they/won’t they nature of the main characters’ relationship.

Despite Mo’s rant, I think Bones will definitely be an improvement for FOX at 8pm on Thursdays, but that’s just based on numbers and not any quality issues…

Like Bill, I believe Fringe, despite not having House or American Idol as a lead-in, will still be an improvement for FOX over last year as far as Thursdays at 9pm.

Will the numbers be as good as they were last year when House and American Idol were leading into Fringe?  Of course not.   But FOX can’t reasonably be expecting it to, and neither should you.  Regardless, I expect the Fringe-bashers to be out in full force tomorrow morning.

And what of Fringe 9pm rival on The CW, Supernatural?  Thursdays will be a big DVR night for me with  Flash Forward (premieres in one week), Fringe, Supernatural and The Office (and later, 30 Rock) to DVR just on the broadcast networks.

Personally, though I like Fringe (and really liked the S1 finale), I LOVE Supernatural.  But I have four seasons of Supernatural under my belt and only one of Fringe.   Fringe was very good in spots, but over time, Supernatural has been great in spots.

Obviously, my viewing preferences don’t hold any sway with the overall ratings, and I do love John Noble in the role of Dr. Walter Bishop, so I’ll be watching both…

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