In a review sure to drop the average on Metacritic at least a bit, the Washington Post’s Tom Shales absolutely excoriates FX’s Justified.  It left me wondering, “Hmmm what did Elmore Leonard do to Tom Shales?”

Oh, another muttering existential hero who barely ever registers an emotion; what a revelation! The fact that the character was created by Elmore Leonard, one of the series’ executive producers, doesn’t really help.

That was definitely one of the nicer comments in the review. So the critic from my hometown newspaper didn’t like the show.  At all.

But the TV critic where I live absolutely. loved. it.

The best news of all is that Olyphant backs it up with an incredibly riveting performance. Better yet, “Justified” as a whole really delivers, from the explosive pilot to a couple of other, less adrenaline-filled but no less superb episodes that add humor and nuanced storytelling to the mix.

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