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We’re a site mostly about ratings,  and  not at all about show quality.  But because of discussions that happen in the comments I’m very curious to know what people’s favorite shows are.  If you want to play along, please list your two current favorite shows and why in the comments.

My favorites change all of the time depending on my current viewing habits and what’s currently airing.  “Lost” isn’t on the schedule right now, so I’m not listing it as my favorite.

If you had asked me in during mid-May to mid-April when I was catching up on six seasons of “NCIS”,  by watching four episodes a day I would’ve said “NCIS”!

My current favorites are season two of “Sons of Anarchy” and the current season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” airing on HBO.

I’ve heard some say “Sons of Anarchy” is like “The Sopranos,” only with bikers rather than mobsters.  I agree with that, though I think it is more of a pure ensemble, where  Tony Soprano was the central figure on “The Sopranos”.   Season two of SOA has been great and the hour (or ~42 minutes on the DVR) is an entertaining ride.  P.S. If you’re an SOA fan you should check out this post today from its creator Kurt Sutter focusing on his recent interaction with a real life biker club.

“Curb” is only a few episodes into the season and has been in top form. It cracks me up.

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