FOX is giving Fringe the low-budget promo treatment by way of “viral” marketing, that Variety has dubbed, a major marketing push.    The Variety story notes that there’s both an off-air and on-air push, but the on-air push seems to be this week’s show itself, plus inserting subliminal images of the observer in its Thursday night programming this week.

According to the Variety article Fox marketing chief Joe Earley is hoping a few more viewers will watch live, or at least within 3 days.

FOX will also be sending people dressed up as the observer out into the streets in a few cities (L.A., NY, Boston, Chicago, and Atlanta) who will be handing out Tabasco sauce (the Fringe faithful know that the Observers love them some spicy food).

Our experience has been these type of stunts don’t translate to ratings.  We’ll find out Friday morning.

This Thursday is final Thursday of the November sweeps period.

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