The final new show power rankings of 2015 bring a couple of small changes, and one less show to consider. “Blood & Oil” ended on ABC on Sunday, meaning it’s dropped from the rankings.

That leaves only “Truth Be Told” in the undead numbers. Read on for this week’s list, and come back for more in the new year, when a fresh crop of newbies join the rankings.

Canceled shows will be noted but won’t have a place in future rankings; shows that end their seasons but are still in the mix for renewal will remain ranked.

16. ‘Truth Be Told’
Last time: 16

The last of the fall’s Dead Shows Walking, by virtue of its later start date.

15. ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’
Last time: 15

The Golden Globe nomination for star Rachel Bloom is nice. Getting off that 0.3 same-day average would be nicer.

14. ‘The Grinder’
Last time: 14

Looking ahead to a later start time and a somewhat better lead-in with “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” come January. Will that help at all? We’ll see.

13. ‘Grandfathered’
Last time: 12

“Grandfathered” is also hoping to get some help from the return of “New Girl” in January, but given that show’s very modest numbers last season, any bump is likely to be minimal.

12. ‘Scream Queens’
Last time: 13

The finale didn’t make it above the 1.0 mark, yet it might still get renewed. FOX Tuesday, everyone!

11. ‘The Muppets’
Last time: 11

A second straight week at 1.1 before its holiday break. Yucka yucka.

10. ‘Heroes Reborn’
Last time: 10

On a six-week break before returning for just three weeks to end its season. Feels a bit out of balance, yes?

9. ‘Code Black’
Last time: 9

January, and the return of regular competition, will tell if the show’s recent run of improved ratings was for real.

8. ‘Dr. Ken’
Last time: 7

A dip to a season-low 1.1 in its last airing moves “Dr. Ken” down a spot in the rankings.

7. ‘Rosewood’
Last time: 8

And if one show drops, another moves up. Congratulations on your idle-week improvement, “Rosewood.”

6. ‘Quantico’
Last time: 6

A slight uptick for its fall finale, but no movement here.

5. ‘Limitless’
Last time: 4

The perception is that it’s a pretty strong show, but the fact is it’s been on a gradual downslope for the last month or so.

4. ‘Supergirl’
Last time: 5

“Supergirl” isn’t performing great either, but its last four episodes have rated higher than “Limitless.”

3. ‘Life in Pieces’
Last time: 3

That it loses half of its “Big Bang Theory” lead-in is not great, but also not out of the ordinary for post-“BBT” shows in recent seasons. It’s quietly become one of the steadiest shows of the fall.

2. ‘Chicago Med’
Last time: 2

After dropping in its second week, NBC’s show has improved in each of the past two outings. That’s a fairly uncommon feat.

1. ‘Blindspot’
Last time: 1

Resting comfortably until its return in late February.

Dropped from rankings: “Wicked City,” “The Player,” “Minority Report,” “Blood & Oil”

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