After a too-long hiatus, the new show power rankings return with a host of new entrants, a couple of departures and some up and down movements all over.

So without further ado, read on to see how your favorite new series stack up. As a reminder, these rankings aren’t based solely on ratings, but also on a show’s performance relative to the rest of its network, upward or downward trends and other factors.

Canceled shows are dropped from the rankings after they go off the air. Shows that end their seasons but are still in the mix for renewal will remain ranked.

23. ‘Second Chance’
Last time: N/A

Two modestly rated episodes before being sentenced rescheduled to Friday nights. Not a good way to start.

22. ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’
Last time: 15

A hoped-for Golden Globes halo did not materialize, but hey, it’s not last in the rankings anymore. The CW has nine more weeks to convince people to start watching.

21. ‘Bordertown’
Last time: N/A

A soft start for FOX’s animated comedy, followed by three weeks off, is probably not a the ideal formula for success.

20. ‘The Grinder’
Last time: 14

If nothing else, the “Watch all the fake ‘Grinder’ TV scenes feature on the Blu-ray will be great.

19. ‘Telenovela’
Last time: N/A

Like “The Grinder,” “Telenovela” has earned mostly positive reviews but has not much to show in the way of an audience.

18. ‘Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life’
Last time: N/A

Doing marginally better than “Bordertown,” but that’s not saying much at this point.

17. ‘The Muppets’
Last time: 11

Returns next week with a new showrunner and a somewhat rejiggered approach. Will anyone notice?

16. ‘Grandfathered’
Last time: 13

Faint praise department: It hasn’t improved any with “New Girl” as a lead-in, but at least it hasn’t really lost anything.

15. ‘Angel from Hell’
Last time: N/A

It’s underperforming in the timeslot relative to what “2 Broke Girls” did in the fall.

14. ‘Code Black’
Last time: 9

Maybe the season’s biggest cipher of a show. Just when you think it’s on the upswing, it dips again. Will CBS be content with steady but low numbers?

13. ‘Dr. Ken’
Last time: 7

After a very consistent fall run, the last couple episodes have fallen off a bit. If it stays above a 1.0 on Fridays, however, it will probably stay safe.

12. ‘Scream Queens’
Last time: 12

FOX says relatively low ratings in adults 18-49 were offset by the show’s overperformance among young women. Renewed for a second season.

11. ‘Shades of Blue’
Last time: N/A

Solid start, sizable drop, then a small uptick for episode 3. If it stays stable in the mid-1s it will likely earn a second season.

10. ‘Quantico’
Last time: 6

The big question for the show is whether fans will return after its long hiatus ends March 6. Three months is a looong time to be away for a first-year series.

9. ‘Rosewood’
Last time: 7

That 1.6 same-day rating is looking better and better for FOX. Back on the air in March.

8. ‘Limitless’
Last time: 5

As its “NCIS” lead-ins had a couple of good weeks in January, “Limitless” fell to a season low.

7. ‘Superstore’
Last time: N/A

Among the more surprising shows of the winter, “Superstore” has succeeded mostly on its own. Imagine if NBC had given it a real marketing push.

6. ‘Lucifer’
Last time: N/A

Its 2.4 premiere rating was one of the best for a new show so far this season. If it can stay close to that level it will definitely move up the rankings.

5. ‘Supergirl’
Last time: 4

“Supergirl” has picked up some in the new year and has turned in three straight episodes at 1.8 or 1.9.

4. ‘Life in Pieces’
Last time: 3

Turning in steady ratings last week without the benefit of a new “Big Bang Theory” as a lead-in may have cemented its case for renewal.

3. ‘Chicago Med’
Last time: 2

Down a bit in its past couple of episodes but still well above NBC’s scripted average and a near shoo-in for a pickup.

2. ‘Legends of Tomorrow’
Last time: N/A

No. 2 in these rankings and, by virtue of its CW-strong premiere numbers, also No. 2 on its network.

1. ‘Blindspot’
Last time: 1

The season’s highest-rated freshman series (that’s been on for more than a week) returns Feb. 29.

Dropped from rankings: “Heroes Reborn,” “Truth Be Told,” “Wicked City,” “The Player,” “Minority Report,” “Blood & Oil”

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