The No. 1 spot in the TV by the Numbers new series power rankings is unchanged. And after the week a couple other contenders had, it’s not really that close.

Still, some show has to fill that second spot. Read on to see which one it is, as well as this week’s new cellar dweller.

19. ‘Wicked City’
Last week: 15

When you have the lowest-rated Big 4 telecast of the fall, and possibly the lowest in-season rating ever, you go straight to the bottom.

18 (tie). ‘The Player,’ ‘Minority Report,’ ‘Blood & Oil,’ ‘Truth Be Told’
Last week: Tied for 16th

One week till the last episode of “The Player.” Will “Wicked City” be off the air first?

14. ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’
Last week: 14

The total audience has ticked up a little bit, but its 18-49 rating is stuck at 0.3, and there’s still very little delayed viewing.

13. ‘Code Black’
Last week: 13

One more week without any news about the show’s future.

12. ‘The Grinder’
Last week: 12

Matched last week’s 0.8 on Tuesday. Come January it’s moving to 9:30 p.m., where it will be a better tonal match with “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” but which is unlikely to move the ratings needle.

11. ‘Grandfathered’
Last week: 11

“Grandfathered,” on the other hand, could get at least a slight boost from the return of “New Girl” come January. Maybe.

10. ‘Scream Queens’
Last week: 8

After falling below 1.0 on Tuesday, it also drops a couple spots here.

9. ‘The Muppets’
Last week: 7

So much for stabilizing — the show dipped to a 1.2 in Tuesday’s fast nationals. There can’t be that much crossover between this show and the audience for Republican presidential debates.

8. ‘Heroes Reborn’
Last week: 10

It was the biggest beneficiary of the NFL leaving CBS’ Thursday schedule, jumping three tenths of a point vs. its last episode.

7. ‘Rosewood’
Last week: 9

It returned from its World Series break to ratings right in line with its average. Points for consistency, at least.

6. ‘Life in Pieces’
Last week: 6

A 1.9 in its Thursday debut is nothing to crow about, but it’s also not that far off the show’s same-day average.

5. ‘Dr. Ken’
Last week: 5

It’s just about the most consistent performer among any new show this season. (Yes, that’s what it said last week too.)

4. ‘Supergirl’
Last week: 2

Another half-point drop in adults 18-49 means the show has lost almost 50 percent in just two weeks. That’s a much steeper curve than CBS would like to see.

3. ‘Quantico’
Last week: 3

It improved slightly (1.2 to 1.3) last week but still needs to keep digging out of that hole.

2. ‘Limitless’
Last week: 4

“Limitless” gets this spot almost by default, thanks to the lackluster weeks the two shows previously above it had. But churning out acceptable ratings week after week is nothing to sneeze at.

1. ‘Blindspot’
Last week: 1

An early pickup for Season 2 keeps “Blindspot” in the top spot for another week.

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