The last new series of the fall to premiere, “Chicago Med,” did so in pretty strong fashion, scoring a 2.2 rating in adults 18-49 in its debut. That earns it a pretty high spot in the TV by the Numbers new show power rankings.

The rankings also say goodbye to “Wicked City,” whose short, ignominious run ended with the season’s first outright cancellation. Canceled shows will be noted but won’t have a place in future rankings; shows that end their seasons but are still in the mix for renewal will remain ranked.

Here are this week’s rankings:

16 (tie). ‘The Player,’ ‘Minority Report,’ ‘Blood & Oil,’ ‘Truth Be Told’
Last week: Tied for 18th

The Dead Shows Walking will shrink by one next week, after “The Player” says goodbye.

15. ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’
Last week: 14

Although it’s stubbornly hanging onto that 0.3 rating, it can’t seem to get over that hump.

14. ‘Code Black’
Last week: 14

Insert joke about weak pulse here.

13. ‘The Grinder’
Last week: 12

The good news: Its ratings were up a little this week. The bad news: The show couldn’t quite crack 1.0 again, coming in at 0.9.

12. ‘Scream Queens’
Last week: 10

A second straight week of sub-1.0 ratings bumps it down a spot.

11. ‘Grandfathered’
Last week: 11

Still hanging onto that 1.0 rating like John Stamos’ character in the show hangs onto his youth.

10. ‘Heroes Reborn’
Last week: 8

The bump it got from not airing opposite the NFL turned out to be short-lived; last week it dipped back to a 1.1.

9. ‘The Muppets’
Last week: 9

A second straight week at 1.2 in adults 18-49 is no way to ramp up to a hiatus.

8. ‘Rosewood’
Last week: 7

Still doing its thing, quietly putting up consistent numbers for FOX.

7. ‘Life in Pieces’
Last week: 6

The CBS comedy version of “Rosewood” — not spectacular and propped up some by proximity to a big hit, but turning out OK numbers week to week.

6. ‘Dr. Ken’
Last week: 5

Sobering thought of the week: “Dr. Ken” is currently averaging a better same-day rating than either of the last two NBC seasons of “Community.”

5. ‘Quantico’
Last week: 3

Though it’s one of the most DVR’d shows on the air, it still hasn’t managed to get back to its early, 1.5-and-above numbers in the same-day ratings. Last week’s episode was the third straight to score a 1.3 or less.

4. ‘Limitless’
Last week: 2

Drops a little because its ratings dipped slightly this week …

3. ‘Supergirl’
Last week: 4

… and “Supergirl’s” improved slightly. If 1.8 is the floor for the show, CBS will be OK with that.

2. ‘Chicago Med’
Last week: Not ranked

NBC’s third Windy City-set show had a higher-rated premiere (2.2) than either “Fire” (1.9) or “PD” (2.0). The coming weeks will reveal if it has its companion shows’ staying power.

1. ‘Blindspot’
Last week: 1

It dipped a little in the ratings this week but is still humming along.

Dropped from rankings: “Wicked City”

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