Things are largely status quo this week in the TV by the Numbers power rankings — with one “Super”-sized exception. Read on to see how far a certain daughter of Krypton fell.

The rankings also part ways with “The Player,” the first Dead Show Walking of the season to finish its run. Canceled shows will be noted but won’t have a place in future rankings; shows that end their seasons but are still in the mix for renewal will remain ranked.

16 (tie). ‘Minority Report,’ ‘Blood & Oil,’ ‘Truth Be Told’
Last week: Tied for 16th

“Minority Report” ends its run next week.

14 (tie). ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ and “Code Black’
Last week: 15, 14

Each show got five extra episodes last week, and each move felt more like a way to pad out the schedule than anything else.

13. ‘The Grinder’
Last week: 13

It’s a good thing no one at FOX is looking at same-day ratings anymore, because the 0.7 it did Tuesday? Yikes.

12. ‘Scream Queens’
Last week: 12

See above: After two weeks at 0.9, it dipped one more tenth to 0.8. Not exactly a way to build momentum before your finale in a couple weeks.

11. ‘Grandfathered’
Last week: 11

“Grandfathered” also fell below 1.0 this week, but of the Tuesday shows, it may be the healthiest at the moment.

10. ‘Heroes Reborn’
Last week: 10

Off this week after putting up a second straight 1.1 last Thursday.

9. ‘The Muppets’
Last week: 9

In a world in which they’re all real, Kermit is so steamed that Charlie Brown pulled a full point better than he did on Tuesday.

8. ‘Supergirl’
Last week: 3

The biggest drop of the week after posting a 1.5 on Monday. Given all that was put into promoting the show, to be at less than 50 percent of the premiere rating within five weeks is disappointing.

7. ‘Rosewood’
Last week: 8

There’s still the suspicion that it would drop without “Empire” there to help it, but its consistency in recent weeks is nothing to sneeze at.

6. ‘Life in Pieces’
Last week: 7

Currently the leading candidate for “That’s still on?” status three years from now.

5. ‘Dr. Ken’
Last week: 6

Chugging along toward what feels like an inevitable renewal at this point.

4. ‘Limitless’
Last week: 4

Like “Supergirl,” it hit a season low this week. But its declines have been both smaller and slower over the course of the fall, so it gets to stay closer to the top.

3. ‘Quantico’
Last week: 5

In the last two episodes for which Live +7 ratings are available, more people watched “Quantico” after its initial airing than the night it aired. There’s clearly an audience for the show, but not necessarily one that feels the need to be there right away.

2. ‘Chicago Med’
Last week: 2

A week 2 retention of 82 percent of its lead-in is pretty darn respectable.

1. ‘Blindspot’
Last week: 1

Although it fell below a 2.0 same-day rating for the first time this week, it’s still the top-rated freshman series on the air.

Dropped from rankings: “Wicked City,” “The Player”

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